Audit Management

Agile Audit and Risk Mitigation across teams

Accelerate business performance and resilience by enabling an integrated and collaborative risk-based audit management management platform across teams.

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Empower Your Compliance Journey with Ready-to-Use Pre-set Templates!

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Automate and streamline your audit lifecycle

Create a Template

Choose from your template library or create a new template of audit items

Plan your Audit

Create recurring audits across teams


Engage your team to comply and mitigate risks

Track Compliance

Get notified of pending audit items for compliance

Track Risk

Get notified of risk levels and mitigation measures

Rampart manages your overall audit life span from start to finish. From streamlining concern and evidence management to simplifying the audit evaluation process, we can optimize audit planning, scheduling, and documentation. Whether you’re making the transition from paper-based and spreadsheet systems, implementing flexible audit techniques, or searching to mature your feature by linking audit risk aspects, Rampart is here to help.

Result driven Risk Assessment

Simplify your risk assessments. Effectively drive risk mitigation across your organization. Make risk evaluation a living, breathing element of all workplace events.

Track Risk-based Audits on a macro and micro level

Track enterprise-wide audits with easy identification, remediation, visibility and reporting. Easily recognize, remediate, visibility, and report on organization audits. We want to make it easier for risk leaders to meet and automate their response to changes in both the micro and macro environment, whether it's geopolitical disruption, technological innovation, or evolving business models. Users of the living and breathing risk matrix can react to changes and keep updating their status accordingly.

Simple Audit template management

Manage multiple templates with ease. Choose a template, define your intended audience, and initiate an audit. Templates with customizability strong risk frameworks that are unique to you. Determine potential failures, including their causes and consequences. Customize your assessment logic to ensure accurate data collection. With template version control, you can easily adapt to changes. Create multiple recurring audits across your enterprise with just a few clicks.

Fully automated reports for Internal and External audits with built-in data analysis

Automated reporting reduces workload and costs. Start creating branded reports with a single tap. Explore high-level information about the status and effectiveness of your auditing process. Generate executive reports for key stakeholders and users. Dig down, filter, and analyze with intuitive visual representations. Use customized scoring and grading schemes to improve information assurance.

Alignment of business strategies with risk mitigation

Make informed decisions, assess risks, uncover opportunity risks, and drive strategic objectives – all with actual data. Rampart promotes the breakdown of storage facilities, allowing the interconnectivity and situation of risks to be captured and conveyed as a network. Ensure that the overall audit procedures are integrated with all operational risk processes.


Increase efficiency throughout your audit, risk, and compliance management lifecycle.
Organizing, planning, monitoring, and reporting for audits.
Template builder with comprehensive version control and audit trails that are transparent, immutable, and verifiable.
Complete Nonconformance, CAPA, and Root Cause Analysis.
Responsive mobile web application for data and evidence collection on the go.
Historical data library, audit templates, and risk management and control matrix.
Audit & Risk Management

Agile Audit and Risk Mitigation across teams, Accelerate business performance and resilience by enabling an integrated and collaborative risk-based audit management management platform across teams.

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