Environmental Health & Safety (EHS)


Integrated EHS & HSSE Solutions

to safeguard your workforce, customers and environment

Framework to Predict, Analyse and Respond to EHS activities within your organization.

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EHS / HSSE and Audit Management Solutions

Cultivate a culture of health, security, and safety practices by simplifying operational audit risk and compliance management to ensure your employees stay healthy and show up home safely every day. Grow your participation and collaboration in all Safety Programs. We provide solutions to run a safe, ethical, and sustainable organization. Deliver exceptional Health, Safety, and Environmental protections critical for your business.

The Rampart EHS/ HSSE platform aims to safeguard against costly claims and damaged reputation while lowering organizational costs and time spent. Create a safety and improvement culture, reduce the number of incidents, and enhance control and oversight.

Integrated Modules to effectively manage, report and predict EHS activities

Customisable modules to align to your Organization needs.

The Rampart Incident Management platform helps to document and significantly or effectively stop the same or a similar incident from recurring. Conduct an effective and substantial root cause analysis.

  • Record comprehensive incident reports.

  • Track status of incident closures.

  • Generate root cause analysis.

  • Generate and track Corrective and Preventive actions.

  • Comprehensive analytics of incidents.

Comply with HSSE/EHS legal requirements and develop the  fundamental cornerstone of a long-term HSSE/EHS program.

Implement effective carbon management to reduce environmental impact, improve brand perception,  and adapt to a changing sustainability landscape.


  • Calculate total carbon sequestered in your locations.

  • Geotag trees, along with species and age to determine carbon sequestered.

  • Document all carbon emitting assets.

  • Calculate total carbon emissions.

  • Determine carbon balance of locations.

The Rampart platform helps to collect, transfer, process, recycle, or dispose of hazardous, non-hazardous  and e-waste materials. Our Waste Management software helps in safely and securely managing dangerous chemical, radioactive, biohazardous, and universal waste.

The Rampart Audit Risk + Compliance solution software can assist you in operationalizing the framework of your ESG/HSSE/EHS program, allowing you to reduce risk, improve the safety systems, promote compliance and efficiency, and meet ESG/HSSE/EHS commitments.

  • Plan and conduct multiple audits.

  • Assign auditors.

  • Track audit progress with target dates.

  • Timely notifications of non-compliance of audits.

Schedule and conduct offline and online training programs.


Highlight events across the organization and Track event involvement

Identify and assess the risks associated with attacks on your critical infrastructure. Provide mitigation measures to be implemented.

  • Conduct systematic analysis of all potential hazards.

  • Identify safeguards to control risks.

  • Provide additional control measures to mitigate risk.

  • Generate risk registers.

Identity, investigate and solve problems. Take corrective actions to prevent the reoccurrence of root causes. Track CAPAs across teams and modules.

Record and track recurring safety drills.

  • Identify and track behaviour based safety violations.

  • Generate and track Corrective and Preventive actions.

  • Determine causes or reasons of operations.

  • Identify impacts on the environment.

  • Assign corrective and preventive actions.

Maintain ledgers of Licenses and certifications across divisions. Timely alerts and notifications for licenses and certification due for renewal or past expiry.

  • Record comprehensive process safety exceptions.

  • Generate corrective and preventive actions.

  • Maintained detailed records of man-hours worked across your company.

  • Detailed reports and rends on man-hour utilisation.

  • Accident free man-hours counter linked to accident trackers.

Maintain and report on overall infrastructure requirements for the entire company.

  • Maintain SOPs on the platform.

  • Enable team to sign off on SOPs read.

  • Customisable Categorisation.

  • Collect comprehensive and secure health data of employees and contractors.

  • Analyse anonymised heath stats throughout the company.

  • Train and track E-learning multimedia content.
  • Create and deliver times/randomised Quizzes across teams.
  • Track Quiz scores
  • Create business plans across teams.

  • Track progress of your business plans.

  • CMS to maintain operation manuals.

  • Customisable Categorisation.

  • Create checklists for teams

  • Track checklist progress.

  • Schedule meetings.

  • Track meeting attendance.

  • Document Minutes of Meetings.

  • Generate Corrective and preventive actions.

  • Conduct surprise inspections across your company.

  • Generate and track Corrective and preventive actions.

  • Categorise your locations based on risk analysis.

  • Record comprehensive assets

  • Track maintenance timelines of equipment.

  • Maintain register of security forces and capabilities across all locations.

  • Document police verification checks of team.

  • Track overdue checks.