Data Management

Swiftly Compile & Track ESG Data

Data Centralization Systems

Centralized data collection & management system for better decision-driven analytics and value creation.

This allows for easier data access, as users only need to go to one place to access all the data they need. It also makes it easier to enforce data standards and ensure data consistency, since all data is stored in the same format and location.

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stockpile Data Reports

With our interactive user interface, collecting data is made easier through a combination of manual user input and various download options, including excel sheets, PDF, CSV, jpg files.

Collect data and information related to the disclosure of a particular topic, which can include Users, Data entry levels, History, Dates, and other relevant details.

Validate, Trace, & Audit Process

Ensuring that data is accurate, complete, and consistent, verifying the source, checking errors & comparing the data against other sources.

Track the movement of data throughout an organization or system.

Reviewing and verifying data to ensure compliance with relevant regulations, policies, or standards.

Collect and manage in accordance with industry best practices, verifying that appropriate data, and ensuring that the data is being used being used appropriately to support organizational goals and objectives.

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