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How do you define Behaviour Based Safety (BBS)?

BBS involves a process through observation of worker’s behavior and upskill them with safety and security for their well-being, and by raise awareness among management and employees about overall culture of safety at the workplace. The Ultimate goal of BBS is to Improve Workplace Safety.

Science behind behaviour

Psychology is the scientific study of behavior, cognition and emotion. Behavioral Science Based on Psychological View of Objects Investigate human behavior and explore cognitive processes and behavioral interactions among people in natural work environments. This includes systematic analysis, the study of human behavior through scientific observations, and controlled scientific experiments. We try to draw valid and objective conclusions through rigorous formulation and observation.

Science is a tool that helps us understand what motivates people to act and seek to understand WHY. Motivation is an important aspect in the security world, and it is important for security professionals to understand motivations and motives.So that their people can act safely.

Design Structure

Organizational design should include a useful plan that it’s easy to understand that everyone has to take responsibility for their own work needs to be done. Business and security leaders compromise political responsibility, micromanagement and lack of clarity related to the individual’s role and it stifles the person’s function and talent in that role. The ability to perform as an organization is part of the culture and must be aligned with the vision, purpose, mission and values. It is the responsibility to ensure that the decision permissions are clear and information can flow quickly through permissions evidenced by improved strategy. Mission is a tool that should be used by leaders to motivate people to Work. 

It needs to be taken seriously and measured to make a matrix to determine an individual’s decision making can establish the quality and accuracy of the clarified decision rights and align the motivations to harmonize with the intended goals of the organization, by establishing the necessary budgetary authority, the establishment of decision-making bodies and communication responsibilities must be linked and should be improved.

Talented people are important for successful implementation; however, they are often taken for granted when it comes to organizational design. The psychology of human performance is an important element in design organizational infrastructure. 

The role of every leader must shaped in the context of the organizational culture, character strengths, abilities, technical skills, management experience and leadership must be identified, shaped, applied, and reinforced to ensure the top talent is equipped to drive integration and empowered to deliver the required results. 

A strong link between human performance factors and requirements performance levels must be created and maintained for long-term success. Identifying human performance factors allows business leaders and security managers to form teams with defined capabilities and goals, meaning you can make up for the skill deficiencies of other team members. It is now possible to balance performance requirements within a team by selecting those with added human performance factors and thus make the team experience more engaging and successful. 

Fully functional teams improve each leader’s reach (i.e. the number of direct reports) and amplifying the culture by eliminating negative things that people experience and draw them into a thought about it

Workflow Process to Manage BBS Efficiently

Behaviour Based safety process map
BBS Process Map Structure Designed to Track BBS (image by_Author)

Industrial Accidents

Industrial accidents kill hundreds of people and permanently disable thousands every year. A federal minister told parliament in 2021 that at least 6,500 workers had died while working in factories, ports, mines and construction sites in five years. Labour activists, who have worked in the field for years, told the BBC that the figures could be higher as many incidents are not reported or recorded. Some of the major incident face Delhi (1,529), Maharashtra (1,239) and Rajasthan (946) recorded most such industrial accidents in the period, Rajasthan (948), Gujarat (629) and Maharashtra (557) witnessed the highest number of deaths.

The ILO estimates that some 2.3 million women and men around the world succumb to work-related accidents or diseases every year; this corresponds to over 6000 deaths every single day. Worldwide, there are around 340 million occupational accidents and 160 million victims of work-related illnesses annually. The ILO updates these estimates at intervals, and the updates indicate an increase of accidents and ill health.


Gamification can lead to positive change & improve BBS

Game design principles to make experiences more fun and engaging. It includes a set of psychological concepts that focus on motivation, personality traits, and human behavior to harness the basic behaviors of people and motivate them to achieve specific goals. The goal is to win the game, however, safety is about safe behavior, and gamified motivation can be used to motivate employees to engage safely.

The best place to start is the source: game play. Knowing how employees like to interact with their work and reward themselves can be instrumental in the design of an effective game.
In that manner, you can turn unentertaining material into interesting material. Essentially, you are connecting the teaching concepts with the hopes of your employees associating the completion of education with something to look forward to.
To make the most of gamification, the simplest technique is to turn the safety training quizzes into games. But of course, this technique can only be used as long as determined by the boss. You should also get employees to work together to get better progress.
Note that we are not necessarily talking about playing the game. You can use the motivating elements of games without necessarily turning an exercise into a game.


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